When young and old forget the world

The Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal is the stage for holidays of which children will tell the children of their children. They will exit the room and will find themselves immersed in the green or in the snow. And they will experience the most diversified, sporty and adventurous vacation ever.

Widi Kids Club in Summer

The little ones big

The feeling of finally coming home, although you had just left, makes the family vacation at the Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal something special.  

WIDI Kids Club in summer

"Widi-Kids" Especially for children & families. For all children from 4 to 10 years in the family vacation period.

Accompanied by experienced child carers and certified guides, there is a rich program for the children in the period from
29.05.2023 - 20.10.2023 - daily from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Monday Taster Riding
The bus takes us to Almhof Mareil where three friendly Icelandic horses await us already.
We take turns and explore Alpine meadows on the back of a horse. Of course, there is also time
to play for funny games. Later we spend a fabulous afternoon at the forest playground!
Tuesday Hello kids! It's me, WIDI.
Today we're going to have a "sheepy" cool day! I will show you my cool WIDI song
and I am so curious to see which one of you will master my game of skill.
  WIDIS Tipp - Lantern Walk 06.06. – 17.10.2023
Doing crafts together with all kids, followed by an easy guided lantern walk to lake Habicher See.
Time required: ~ 2 h | Meet at: 7:30 pm
Fee: adults € 10.00 | children € 7.00
Wednesday Herb day
In the forest and on the meadow, we discover varied herbs which we process
into delicious herb pralines and a homemade herbal healing ointment in our small kitchen!
  Widis Tipp - Hiking Theater in Hochoetz 05.07. – 30.08.2023 | 2:00 pm
(only in good weather) Free of charge Suitable for children from 3 years
Thursday Forest Day with Fiechtenliesl
Come with me! We help Fichtenliesl and look for little Seppi! Our excursion takes us to Sautens,
where we will spend our lunch break at a small barbecue area. There are grilled sausages for the kids!
Friday Children's Bread Baking in the Mill 06.07. – 01.09.2023
Max the miller invites us to his mill! We walk from Oetz up to lake Piburger See.
Max tells us the magical mill fairytale, afterwards all the children bake their own bread together!
Outside the specified period there is a great alternative program without bread baking
  Further information on the Widi children's program can be found here


Widi Kids Club Kinderprogramm im Ötztal in Tirol
Widi Kids Club Kinderprogramm im Ötztal in Tirol
Widi Kids Club Kinderprogramm im Ötztal in Tirol

As a nest partner of the Tyrolean Family Nests our child carers are well-trained for an unforgettable holiday for your children.