Waves, rollers, crushers and rocks.

To be on the road together. Exciting experiences. Get carried away by the water.

You will experience it: the wild river becomes something like the first love: nervous approach, excited fumbling and then: great feelings! There are no tame waters on which you go with our guides: the spirited Ötztaler Ache, the idiosyncratic Sanna, the Inn with its unique gorge landscape. Most beautiful white water everywhere. In the Rafts children from 10 years and adults find their safe place. Families and quieter natures choose cozy treks like the Blue Water Classic. Adventurer with a soft spot for courage and overcoming the heavenly hell rides at White Water Professional or Blue Water Power Raft. And everyone will laugh and happily see the shore in the fight with the elements. That is our promise.

Details about the different feelfree rafting tours