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The Ötztal is the home of the Wildspitze and 250 other three-thousands. The Ötztal is the source of Tyrol's highest waterfall - the Stuibenfall - and the Ötzi is the most famous alpine man. And we could write a whole lot of superlatives here - from the idyllic forests of the Ötztaler Ache up to the perpetual ice of the glaciers, from the highest church village of Austria to the most beautiful spa in the country - the Aqua Dome ... ... but numbers say little, it is the experience that counts. And Tyrol's largest holiday region stands for real experiences.

Piburg lake

Can a mountain lake be even more beautiful? Anyone wanting to describe Lake Piburg will sooner or later end up with the word "idyllic". Embedded in a depression above Oetz, the clear green water reflects the surrounding forests and the mighty, soaring Acherkogel. Nature lovers, hikers and swimmers can recharge their batteries at this place of strength. Because you have to guard such a treasure, Lake Piburg is one of the oldest nature reserves in Tyrol.


The largest waterfall in Tyrol - Coming from Niederthai, the "Horlachbach" falls over a total of 159 meters and two steep steps into the valley, the water flags rise meters high into the sky. These clouds of water dust also give the mighty natural spectacle its name: Stuibenfall.

The water dust delights visitors with its natural, refreshing effect, and it also promotes health. The positive effect has also been scientifically proven; you are particularly close to the 'water dust' on the ion platform.

Hut hikes in Hochoetz

Families and pleasure hikers can get from the mountain station (2,000m above sea level) of the summer mountain railways on forest paths and over green alpine meadows to the Bielefelder Hütte, Acherberg, Balbach or Kühtailealm. The three themed trails in Hochoetz are also ideal for beautiful, informative hours on shoemaker's pony. Experienced and persevering mountaineers strive for higher goals, e.g. the Wetterkreuz or the 3,008 m high Acherkogel. Always with you a breathtaking panorama.
2-3 guided hikes are included for resort guests.

Ötzi village

Ötzi Village - an adventure for the whole family!
How did people live in the Ötztal 5,000 years ago? What clothing did you use to protect yourself against the cold? And with what weapons did they go on their forays? Anyone who would like to experience the breathtaking Stone Age world of Ötzi up close can find out interesting facts about life in Ötzi‘s time in the Ötzi village.


Birds of prey park

The birds of prey park: On the approximately 5,000 m² area at the foot of the Stuibenfall, Tyrol's largest waterfall, and right next to the Ötzi village, around 30 animals from 15 different species of birds of prey, such as vultures, eagles, kites, owls, falcons, buzzards, etc. their new home. The spectacular flight demonstrations take place in the 300-seat arena. The educational trail on the history of falconry and the falconry shop complete the informative offer of the barrier-free accessible bird of prey park.

Bike Republic Sölden

Bike Republic Sölden- Where the flow rules!
A huge network of natural trails and ecologically built lines of various degrees of difficulty as well as dozens of tours, enduro routes and two pump tracks in the valley - and all of this embedded in the grandiose backdrop of the Ötztal Alps. (approx. 30 minutes by car) - more information button:

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