When young and old forget the world

The Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal is the stage for holidays of which children will tell the children of their children. They will exit the room and will find themselves immersed in the green or in the snow. And they will experience the most diversified, sporty and adventurous vacation ever.

Widi Kids Club in Summer

The little ones big

The feeling of finally coming home, although you had just left, makes the family vacation at the Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal something special.  

WIDI Kids Club in summer

"Widi-Kids" Especially for children & families. For all children from 4 to 10 years in the family vacation period.

Accompanied by experienced child carers and certified guides, there is a rich program for the children in the period from
29.05.2023 - 20.10.2023 - daily from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Monday Taster horse riding
In the morning we go to the forest playground in Ochsengarten, where we can get to know each other very well. The journey then continues to Mareil. Three magnificent Icelandic horses are already waiting for us at the Almhof. Alternately, you ride across the pasture. Of course, there is also enough time for fun games.
Tuesday WIDI's Surivival Day.
Hello kids! I'm the WIDI! I'm really into adventure and nature, so today we'll learn how to sneak through the forest with silent claws, encounter tricky obstacles, which we will overcome together. Our self-made compass will put us back on the right track. At the end we make a small fire with a flint, like in Ötzi's time.
Wednesday Creative workshop
In the morning there is a lot of cutting, gluing and painting. There are no limits to your creativity in our summer nest. Then it's off into nature. After a short hike in the forest, we will play fun outdoor games with you in the kids park.
Thursday Water day with stuffed flatworm
The little stuffed flatworm tells the story of how he won hearts. As a reward, each child gets a cool glitter tattoo. On the walk from Tumpen to Oetz we see natural beauties with and around the water. There we have time to romp in the cool water. Don't forget a towel and spare clothes!
Friday Children's bread baking in the mill
Today Müller Max invites us to his mill! We walk from Oetz up to the Piburger See. When we get to the mill, Max tells us the magical mill fairy tale and then each child can bake their own bread! (Outside of the specified period, an exciting alternative program without bread baking will take place)
  Subject to program changes in bad weather etc.!
You can find more information and the latest news about the Widi children's program
at TVB Ötztal


Widi Kids Club Kinderprogramm im Ötztal in Tirol
Widi Kids Club Kinderprogramm im Ötztal in Tirol
Widi Kids Club Kinderprogramm im Ötztal in Tirol

As a nest partner of the Tyrolean Family Nests our child carers are well-trained for an unforgettable holiday for your children.