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The Natur & Aktiv Resort is a place for nature lovers. For large families and single mothers. For stockbrokers and base jumpers. Dandies and poets. For youngsters, teens, Adventurers and cruiser. For biologists, soul dancers and other artists. It is a place for those who love life. And therefore be loved from life.

Feelfree is fun. And this fun defines Feelfree. A large courtyard, ten Lodges, 120 beds. Bike Center, Adventure Center, Wellness Center. A holiday resort and all around great outdoors. That's the Feelfree Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal

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Whether alone or in pairs. Whether coldshower or oven bench romantics. Whether being grumpy in the morning or an early jogger. Whether a darling, a fighter, a cook or a dreamer, we have the home for you.

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