More space for relaxation

A 25m long infinity pool (10m inside / 15m outside) with a panoramic view and additional sunbathing areas is being built on the first floor of the new "feelfree bath house". The ground floor will include a beautiful bathing area for families with small children. In addition, a new fitness room, ski and bicycle storage and a spacious children's adventure room are planned for the ground floor.

Climate-friendly heating:

DThe bathhouse is heated in a CO2-neutral manner with a groundwater heat pump and electricity from our own photovoltaic system.
Planned completion: December 2023 (construction will only take place during closing times)

Construction diary (from bottom to top):

The building site was upgraded for the summer with gazebos, table tennis and privacy screens, so that the guests hardly noticed the closed construction site.

The future covered parking spaces could already be used in the summer.

The trees in the resort were taken into account during planning and construction. It is very important to us and contributes significantly to the flair of our resort.

In the basement there is only the technology with ventilation, groundwater pump and bathroom technology on 170m².

The excavation pit allows a glimpse into the past. It can be seen that the Ötztaler Ache used to flow out of the area of the feelfree resort. This can be seen from the many "Bornels" that have been rounded off by the river. Interestingly, there must have been a time when the former river bed was dry for a long time and then flowed through again. There is also a layer of humus between the layers of brook balls.

Before starting construction, as with all previous projects, we carefully moved our shrubs to a new location so that they can continue to bind CO2 and have a new function.