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The adventure paradise

Your freedom is within reach.

Neither a person nor a day is like the other. Sometimes you are looking for new vitality, sometimes an irrepressible desire of adventure is grabbing you. And on the next day, you are searching for more vitality. The Nature Resort is located in the middle of the Feelfree adventure paradise and offers everything to satisfy all facets of your passions.

Movement, movement. Mountains, rivers, forests, sun and nature all the way to the horizon - motivation can be found at the Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal. You leave your room and find yourself in the middle of the most beautiful outdoor center of Tyrol. At the adventure center at the Hotel Resort you will find absolute professionals every morning. To take you by foot to the pleasure to take you into dark gorges and fierce waterfalls or to show you on a bike, what is a real, right “Wadlbeisser”. Rafting, canyoning, biking, trekking and rock climbing are only a few possibilities from an incredibly rich repertoire. You will find more information of the diversity of the sports and adventure program at the Natur & Aktiv Resort on our outdoor program in summer and the Adventure Card.

Adventure World in Ötztal in Tyrol
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